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Crook Handle Wooden Canes

Wooden Walking Cane with Crook Handle

Crook Handle Wooden Canes
For cane aficionados, crook handles represent the purest form of cane handles. Crook handle is regarded as the first-ever functional handle for wooden canes. Initially, it was made from easy-to-bend materials like bamboo. Often called a classic handle, at par with the Lord Derby styled handle, the crook handle isn’t the most convenient handle to grip but it remains an eternal favorite.

Decoding the Crook Handle
Crook handles are famous among men and women, particularly those who prefer the traditional type of stick. Also called the Tourist Handle and the J Handle, crook handles are conventionally made from premium wood. However, you can also find the variety plated with chrome for a more sophisticated look.

Get the Best in Crook Walking Canes
We are an established online store offering a wide range of mens walking canes, including those with crook handles. This includes crook canes with animal patterns and metallic rings and those made from the most expensive of woods like chestnut, oak, and cherry. One of our recent introductions, the Crook Handle Umbrella Cane has been generating a lot of interest because of its multi-dimensional attributes. You can find many options among shafts complementing the crook, including canes with a horse shaped handle. We sell most of our walking canes in the customizable format—you can easily cut the shaft in accordance with your preferences.


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