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Wooden Canes

Wooden Walking Canes

Wooden canes continue to engage the attention of dedicated cane users, collectors, and folks venturing into this niche for the first time. The reason lies in the timeless appeal of wood that cannot be matched by any material, no matter how technologically superior or light as compared to typical woods used for making canes. Historically, every walking cane was supposed to be a wooden cane. However, things changed slowly as more material options surfaced. Today, you can choose canes made of anodized metals, aluminum, alloys, and even acrylics. Some of these materials are much lighter and cheaper than wood. However, people still prefer wood because of its unusual grain pattern and texture that cannot be replicated by industrially manufactured materials. Every wood has a different hue that changes as the wood ages. The kind of finishing used can also help to create an exclusive wooden shade that cannot be imitated in synthetic cane materials.

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