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Our collection of shoehorn canes is the perfect example of how form and aesthetics can be seamlessly blended to create some thing worthy of being adored for everyday usage and its style. Conventional shoehorns can be an issue for those suffering from severe back pain or serious medical conditions that limit mobility, particularly that of the lower extremities and the back. Here, people need long-handled shoehorns. Better still, they need a shoehorn that can also help them support their body weight and maintain their balance during day-to-day activities like getting out of bed, sitting down, or wearing a piece of footwear. Particularly useful for the elderly, these shoehorns combine the dynamics of a walking support and an aid to ease in and out of footwear.

Shoehorns with Long Handles
These shoehorns are preferred because of their classic, wooden appearance. This helps the shoehorn to become a part of the room’s decor rather than spoiling the beauty. The long-handle shoehorn has the tapered, curved shape towards the end that works like a shoehorn.

Insist on Quality when Buying Shoehorns
Shoehorns are a somewhat unorganized part of the cane marketplace. We present a more systematic approach, presenting an e-shopping experience where every option is served with sufficient information. We are building an interesting inventory of shoehorns and shoehorn canes. This includes premium offerings like the concord shoehorn that continues to be a bestseller—often gifted during the Holiday Season. Combined with best standards for online transactions and excellent customer service, our online store makes it easy to explore different cane options and make a more educated choice.

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