Derby with Silver Collar and Purple Shaft and Handle


Very popular among men who do not compromise on style but at the same time stay away from excessively bright or colorful stuff, this Derby with Silver Collar and Purple Shaft and Handle walking cane accentuates your personal style by instantly engaging attention with its classic appeal. With a standard height of 36 inches, this modest walking cane comes with height adjustable features. We can customize it to suit your height after the order confirmation. The supportive derby-style handle ensures a firm grip without grueling your hands. The shiny brass collar at the shaft neck makes a serious impression adding a masculine appeal and the anti-slip rubber ferrule tip helps you to maintain posture/balance even on patchy and rough surfaces. Furthermore, the polished ash finish highlights the wooden texture and grain pattern making this elegantly constructed piece an instant favorite. With its sober design and a robust construction, it does not give room to pick holes in this Derby with Collar in Purple Walking Cane. You will certainly make a statement among your coworkers as you accompany this walking cane to work.  Ash Wood.

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