Men's Imported Genuine Ebony

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This treasured imported Genuine Ebony is one of the most stunning walking canes in the marketplace today, famous mainly for its premium ebony wood. The beautiful two-tone wood grain throughout this ebony cane makes it the most popular member of the one-piece cane fraternity. It is the most fashionable choice among folks looking for grace and durability in a walking cane. It is polished to offer a smoother texture apart from making it more resistant against moisture/water. The Men's Genuine Ebony Walking Stick, with a Tourist-style or Crook Handle, has a genuine ebony wood shaft. Standing 36-inches tall, this standard-sized cane can be cut to size to suit your requirements. The cane is approximately 7/8" and tapers to approximately 3/4".  For added safety, this exquisite Crook Handle Cane is equipped with steel-reinforced rubber grip.  This item is sale item.

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