Imitation Bamboo Crook Cane


Previously canes were considered as mere walking aids, but now, canes have transformed into premium fashion accessories that spell sophistication. Like all other accessories, canes also form an integral part of your look, i.e. when you happen to choose a cane that rightfully complements your overall persona and the chosen look for the occasion. Imitation Bamboo Canes feature a wooden shaft with a crooked handle and have a perfect chestnut finish. The overall appeal is very natural, with a rich wooden aura. Having a height of 36 inches, this cane has a rubber ferule attached to the tip. This tip provides a firmer grip to the cane. The wooden shaft is engraved at regular intervalsthis is a subtle designer addition to an otherwise laid back cane that doesnt try too hard to engage your attention. Being made from high quality wood, this cane is strong and durable. Also, the attractive look of this cane makes it a perfect match for all formal attires. You can carry this lightweight cane along with you even you are going out for an evening stroll. It can be a perfect gift for all your friends and relatives, nearly anyone who loves wooden creations with a unique sense of style.

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