Classy Walking Cane 7/8 inch Crook in Walnut 36 inches tall


Best-selling canes are often categorized as being a bit too chauvinist or feminine. The House MD - 7/8 inch Round Nose Crook Walnut walking cane breaks the barrier with its easygoing design. It does not flaunt curves or an overwhelming handle. The idea is to provide a walking cane that makes sense for most people, across all occasions, no matter how formal or relaxed. Made to support up to 250 lbs, this 36 inches long walnut color walking cane comes with a round-nosed Crook Handle bathed on a hardwood shaft having 7/8 inch diameter. Often dubbed as a classic choice, it can be cut down to suit the users personal requirements. The rubber tip at the end has steel insert, which adds to the cane durability.

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