Natural Acacia Cane with Crook Handle


Natural Hardwood is finished to add an element of class to your look, the Acacia Crook Wooden Handle Carved Shaft features a natural finish. The wooden shaft of the cane would be incomplete without the rubber tip. Besides adding to the look of the cane, the rubber ferrule at its tip provides a stronger and firmer grip even on polished floors. The crook handle of the cane offers a comfortable grip to its users. Measuring approximately 36 inches, this long and sturdy cane features a dark swirl shaft engraved detailing at intervals on the shaft. Accompanied with a lacquered finish, this walking stick will be a perfect match for anyone who is in search of a traditional cane. Carry it along with you when you are getting dressed for a formal brunch or an office get-together. Attractive to look and durable in nature, the Acacia Natural Wood Crook Wooden Handle Carved Shaft is a perfect blend of style and quality.

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