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Walking Canes Dog Breeds

Walking Canes Dog Breeds

Dog Handle Canes While traditional designs still dominate the market, animal-shaped walking canes are a creative and enduringly popular type of cane. In the 1840s and 1860s, cane knobs made from whale bones and vertebrae were quite common, and some canes were crafted in order to represent a certain profession, such as horse breeders and traders. One of the most famous cane historians, Catherine Dike, even referred to some cane handles as being shaped like animal heads. Canes with dog-shaped handles, particularly, have attracted a great deal of attention. Dog handle canes, then, can serve as mementos for pet-lovers, walking sticks for dog-walkers, or simply a part of an outdoorsman's gear to symbolize the ability to persevere. At Walking-Cane.net, we offer a wide array of dog-inspired walking canes.

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