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Blackthorn Canes

Blackthorn Walking Sticks

Nothing is too tough a task with a blackthorn walking stick in your hand! Making every step that much easier and supported, our blackthorn walking stick does the trick every time. Made with a popular hardwood perfect for the shaft of a cane, a blackthorn stick has beautiful knots from its natural state, with an attractive taper and a design that is meant to support your stride. Blackthorn sticks are among the most sought-after of all traditional walking sticks, both for their appearance and for their heritage. The blackthorn is a shrubby bush with vicious thorns and a suckering habit, so that it forms dense hedges through which livestock cannot escape. Indeed, the impenetrable forest in the fairytale Sleeping Beauty is said to have been a blackthorn thicket. It grows particularly well in Ireland and England, where blackthorn sticks cut from hedges have been popular for many centuries. The bark of the blackthorn walking stick can be any color from reddish-brown through to almost black. The spines, which can cause extremely sore poisoning if the stick cutter impales his hand on them, are cut back and sanded to produce a distinctive stick. A particular characteristic of blackthorn is that the arrangement of the thorns forms a spiral shape around the shaft of the stick. Take a look at our imported line of Classic Country and Traditional Hiking Sticks.

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