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Types of Walking Canes:

Tapered Walking Canes
Tapered walking canes are perfect for style and comfort while out and about town.

Ebony Walking Canes
Ebony Walking Canes are always an elegant and popular choice.

Walking Canes With Style
Walking Canes with style come in any variety and at any price you are looking for.

Animal Walking Canes
From Horses to Wildcats we have the animal walking canes you want.

Silver Walking Canes
Make a statement without saying a word with Silver Walking Canes.

Shooter Canes
For the visually impaired get a quality Shooter Cane.

Bamboo Canes
Bamboo canes are lightweight but durable.

Bamboo Walking Canes
For a little boost in your step, we have bamboo walking canes to help you get through the day.

Beautiful Walking Canes
There is no need to think of it as an encumbrance!

Beechwood Walking Canes
You will love the high quality designs of our beechwood walking canes, built specifically for support in daily tasks and sophisticated style.

Beechwood Canes
Take advantage of our high quality beechwood canes offered at affordable prices.

Blackthorn Canes
The natural look of our blackthorn canes is hard to beat!

Blackthorn Walking Canes
Made with the beautiful hardwood most popular for cane shafts, our blackthorn walking canes are high quality and sturdy.

Canes And Walking Sticks
To keep your stride sturdy and strong, our canes and walking sticks will carry you down the trail!

Carved Canes
We have a selection of carved canes made in designs that will attract compliments wherever you stroll!

Collectible Canes
If you are on the lookout for collectible canes, then this is the place you want to be!

Collector Walking Canes
Whether you like to have a unique walking aid for every hiking trail you traverse, or you have an elegant display of collector walking canes at home, you will love these new additions.

Costume Walking Canes
Get up on that stage and show us what you’ve got!

Acrylic Walking Canes
Enjoy the unique feel and look of our acrylic walking canes!

Aluminum Canes
Our aluminum canes are desirably sturdy, well made and sophisticated.

Aluminum Walking Canes
For a sturdy and well-supported stroll, our aluminum walking canes will do the trick!

Bronze Plated Walking Canes
We have fantastic bronze plated walking canes in plenty of handy styles.

Carved Walking Cane
There is nothing classier than a well made carved walking cane.

Casual Canes
We have casual canes for the normal, everyday situations.

Casual Walking Canes
We have casual walking canes for the typical scenarios in which you simply want a little extra support and balance.

Cherry Walking Cane
With a cherry walking cane, you will take each step in confidence and style.

Chestnut Walking Cane
Enjoy the balance and firm strength that you receive with a chestnut walking cane in your hand.

Chestnut Canes
You will love the firm quality and classy appearance of all our chestnut canes.

Clear Canes
As modern trends put on a clear cover on all types of gadgets, from computers and cell phones to ipods and lights—why not clear canes?

Clear Lucite Canes
It is time to find a new look for your walking aid collection!

Clear Lucite Walking Canes
One of the trendiest lightweight types of cane available today!

Collapsible Walking Canes
In today’s age, sometimes there simply isn’t enough space for a full length cane.

Custom Made Walking Canes
Make this a personal choice, right down to the materials used and the design of handle.

Daily Use Walking Canes
When you require daily use walking canes, durability and stability are the qualities that you should expect.

Decorative Walking Canes
Decorative walking canes come in many fashionable and collectable designs.

Deluxe Walking Canes
Deluxe walking canes are made with superior quality and craftsmanship.

Derby Canes
Derby canes are named after Lord Derby.

Derby Classic Canes
Derby classic canes are known for their stunning style and durable quality.

Derby Deluxe Walking Canes
Derby deluxe walking canes are a symbol of elegance and grace.

Dress Canes
Dress canes are suitable for the dressiest occasions.

Elegant Canes
Elegant canes provide all of the class you desire while providing the support that you need.

Elegant Walking Canes
Elegant walking canes are available in many dashing styles.

Extra Strength Canes
Extra strength canes are made with the most durable materials.

Extra Tall Walking Canes
Extra tall walking canes are made to give support to taller individuals.

Fancy Walking Canes
You don’t have to walk around using a boring old hospital cane with all of the options that are available today.

Fashion Offset Canes
Fashion offset canes are ergonomically designed for comfort and support but don’t lack an ounce of style.

Fashion Canes
Fashion canes allow you to keep your dignity while giving you all of the support that you need from day to day.

Fashion Walking Canes
There are fashion walking canes to suit a wide variety of tastes, personalities and needs.

Fashionable Walking Canes
Pattern canes are the perfect match for those that like fashionable walking canes.

Feminine Walking Canes
For the women who need some extra support, feminine walking canes are the perfect accessory.

Feminine Canes
Fabric covered canes are the perfect accessory for ladies everywhere.

Fold Up Walking Canes
Fold up walking canes are just as powerful and supportive as traditional canes but are much more compact.

Folding Canes
Folding canes are the perfect accessory for a traveler who needs a little extra support.

Folding Walking Canes
Folding walking canes neatly fit into their own compact carry case for convenient portability.

Fold-up Canes
Fold-up canes have become even more convenient in recent years.

Formal Canes
Formal canes are very decorative and dressy.

Formal Walking Canes
Formal walking canes combine the most expert craftsmanship and exotic materials to produce an item of exceptional quality and elegance.

Fritz Canes
Fritz canes were developed in the 16th century by a German count to make cane use by arthritic sufferers more comfortable.

Heavy Duty Walking Cane
If you are a plus size individual, you might consider getting a heavy duty walking cane.

Heavy Duty Canes
If you really need your cane to work for you, then heavy duty canes make the perfect choice.

Irish Walking Cane
The traditional Irish walking cane is made out of blackthorn or shillelagh wood.

Ladies Walking Canes
Ladies walking canes are made with your exquisite taste in mind.

Leather Handle Canes
Leather handle canes are super convenient and very comfortable.

Left Handed Walking Canes
Left handed canes are suitable for those who need extra support on the left side.

Light Weight Walking Canes
Light weight walking canes offer maximum portability.

Light Weight Canes
Light weight canes are made of anodized aluminum or graphite making them easy to carry and durable for many years of use.

Lucite Canes
Clear Lucite canes make a fabulous fashion statement while providing you with ultimate comfort and support.

Lucite Walking Canes
Lucite walking canes offer all of the style you could want while providing you with support and comfort.

Maple Walking Canes
Wood is a durable and strong material for canes.

Medical Walking Canes
Medical walking canes are designed to help those with a medical need for extra support.

Men’s Walking Canes
Men’s walking canes are designed with fashion and function in mind.

Metal Walking Canes
Metal walking canes are extremely lightweight and easy to lug around.

Nickel Plated Canes
These nickel plated canes are attractive for anyone who needs to walk with a cane.

Novelty Canes
There are many types of novelty canes to choose from below, including jokester canes with mirrors on the bottom and more.

Novelty Walking Canes
Novelty walking canes make an excellent gift as a joke, and they also serve well as a conversation starter.

Offset Canes
If you have had hip or knee surgery, an offset cane is an excellent means to help you walk a little easier.

Offset Walking Canes
These offset walking canes are great for anyone who has had surgery that affects your ability to walk easily, as well as anyone else who needs a little assistance.

Olive Wood Walking Canes
These olive wood handled canes allow you to have comfort and support when walking, while enabling you to display style and taste like no other cane can.

Petite Canes
We offer many different types of petite canes that are meant for women of smaller size.

Petite Walking Canes
If you have tried an average-size walking cane, and it just doesn’t seem comfortable, and you are of below-average height and weight, you may want to try one of our petite walking canes.

Quad Canes
Since quad canes are the only type of cane that has the stability of extra legs at the bottom, there is no better supporting cane.

Quad Walking Canes
Here you will find canes that can support your weight so that you are able to keep up the natural flow of walking.

Sword Canes
Below you will find many different types of sword canes to choose from.

Telescope Canes
Unlike traditional canes that take up a lot of space even when not in use, these telescope canes can become compact similar to the way a telescope does.

Tourist Canes
If you have any use for a cane, a tourist cane is worth considering.

Tourist Handle Canes
These tourist handle canes are great for anyone to use to help stabilize their walking.

Tourist Walking Canes
Tourist Walking Canes are a traditional type of cane that offers stability no matter what the reason is you need a cane.

Translucent Handle Canes
Here we have a variety of types of translucent handle canes so that you can find one that fits your style.

Unique Walking Canes
If you prefer to correct your walk with a cane unlike everyone else’s, you may enjoy our selection of unique walking canes.

Walking Canes
We offer many types of walking canes so that you can find the one that is right for you.

Walking Canes for Women
Whether you are petite or not, women simply prefer a different type of cane than most men do.

Walking Canes with Lights
If you will be walking much in the dark, there is no better way to ensure your safety than to use one of these walking canes with lights.

Walnut Walking Canes
Here you will find a wide variety of walnut walking canes to choose from.

Women’s Walking Canes
Since many women are much more petite than men, there is no reason you should have to use a big bulky cane to assist you with walking.

Wood Canes
Nearly any type of wood can be found in our selection of wood canes below.

Wood Handle Walking Canes
Any of these wood handle walking canes can draw attention in any crowd.

Wood Walking Cane
Any wood walking cane you may find here is made of the finest quality wood as well as the best craftsmanship possible.

Wooden Canes
These wooden canes are all quality and durable and are available to you at affordable prices.

Wooden Handle Walking Canes
The beauty of these wooden handle walking canes is that many of them allow you to remove the handle and replace it with another one.

Wooden Handle Walking Sticks
Whether you are searching for wooden handle walking sticks for you or someone else, you can find what you need here. 


Walking Cane Accessories:

Cane Holder
It is a hassle to get your cane off of the floor after it has slid from a standing position.

Cane Stand
You will appreciate the convenience of having a cane stand nearby!

Cane Umbrella
With the use of a cane umbrella, you will be prepared for everything!

Cane Wrist Strap
When you have a weak or injured leg, the last thing you want to do is bend down and pick your cane off the ground!

Contour Handle Canes
There is nothing more comfortable and satisfying for the hand than our contour handle canes.

Adjustable Folding Canes
There is a lot to say for convenience, especially when simply walking becomes a difficulty.

Brass Handle Canes
If the beautiful luster of metal appears to you, then you will love our brass handle canes!

Cane Clips
Have you ever looked around for a place to put your cane when you sit down at the table?

Cane Handles
It is time to replace the well worn handle on your cane!

Clear Handle Walking Canes
There is no reason to sacrifice modern style, even when you’re dealing with an item that has been around for centuries!

Collectible Walking Canes
You will be stunned by the exceptional quality and classic appearance of our collectible walking canes!

Derby Handle Canes
Derby handle canes are classics.

Derby Standard Canes
Derby standard canes are known for their comfortable handle.

Designer Canes
Designer canes are made of the highest quality materials with style and fashion in mind.

Designer Walking Canes
There are so many different styles of designer walking canes.

Fancy Cane Handles
There are so many different types of fancy cane handles that you are sure to find one that you absolutely love.

Fritz Handle Canes
Fritz handle canes look a lot like derby canes, but the handles are much smaller.

Fritz Walking Canes
Fritz walking canes were developed in order to achieve a more stable and natural feeling walking cane.

Glass Walking Canes
Glass walking canes are meant for decoration purposes only.

Hand Carved Canes
Hand carved canes offer cane users an elegant and unique look.

Hand Carved Walking Canes
Hand carved walking canes are made from a large variety of woods and are created into several different fascinating designs.

Palm Grip Canes
These palm grip canes enable you to keep your grip without slipping even when your hands are sweaty!

Walking Cane Accessories
Whether you are looking to dress your cane up, need replacement parts, or simply need a case to carry it in, we have any type of walking cane accessories you may need.

Walking Cane Holder
Whether you need a walking cane holder for the ease of use that it can create, or you simply want one for looks, you can find the perfect one here.

Walking Cane Supplies
This section offers any type of supplies you could possibly need for your walking cane.

Walking Cane Tips
These top quality walking cane tips work great and last a long time.

Walking Cane Wrist Strap
Without a walking cane wrist strap, you are left to prop your cane up against a wall or other object.


Hiking and Walking Sticks:

Bamboo Hiking Sticks
Get out there and enjoy the outdoors with the help of our bamboo hiking sticks!

Collectible Walking Sticks
Just take a look at these collectible walking sticks—exceptional in appearance, unbeaten in quality materials!

Collector Walking Sticks
Looking for collector walking sticks?

Contour Walking Sticks
We have the most comfortable contour walking sticks, designed for the utmost stability in any walking aid.

Adjustable Walking Stick
An adjustable walking stick is great for strolls in the park, walking to and from the car to the store, and making your way safely around the house.

Blackthorn Walking Stick
Nothing is too tough a task with a blackthorn walking stick in your hand!

Carved Walking Stick
When something is both purposeful and attractive, such as a carved walking stick, it is simply hard to resist!

Collapsible Walking Sticks
Whether you need the help of a walking aid due to injury, surgery recovery, or a weak leg, our collapsible walking sticks will offer you the support you need with a bit more convenience.

Custom Hiking Staffs
With our custom hiking staffs, you can traverse the trail in personal style!

Daily Use Walking Sticks
We offer daily use walking sticks for your normal, everyday tasks.

Designer Walking Sticks
Designer walking sticks offer the ultimate style and class.

Dress Walking Sticks
Dress walking sticks are fancy canes designed to be used on dressy occasions.

Fashion Walking Sticks
If you love fashion walking sticks, then you will adore those with brass handles.

Fashionable Walking Sticks
For those with their own personal style, clear canes make fashionable walking sticks.

Feminine Walking Sticks
We all want to look our best each day, even if we need some extra assistance and support.

Folding Hiking Staffs
Folding hiking staffs made of aluminum are lightweight but extremely durable.

Folding Walking Sticks
The convenience of folding walking sticks does not mean that they have no style.

Hand Carved Walking Stick
If you like to have unique and original accessories, then a hand carved walking stick is the perfect piece to provide you the support that you need.

Hiking Cane
A hiking cane is the perfect accessory to help you maneuver through rough terrain while keeping balance and stability.

Hiking Poles
All hiking poles are not equal in quality and durability.

Hiking Staff
A hiking staff is a handy accessory to have with you on a long hike.

Hiking Stick
The aluminum hiking stick is one of the best hiking tools on the market.

Irish Walking Stick
The Irish walking stick is a tourist favorite at Irish airports.

Ladies Walking Stick
A ladies walking stick is designed to support the more delicate frames of women.

Natural Wood Hiking Staff
These hiking staffs are great for use when hiking through the woods.

Natural Wood Walking Stick
If you are looking for a walking stick, there is no better than a natural wood one.

Walking Staffs
Anytime you will be hiking on rough ground, you will need one of these sturdy walking staffs.

Walking Sticks
We know how rough it can be in the wilderness.

Walking Sticks for Women
These walking sticks for women are great for any camping trips or hiking expeditions.

Women’s Walking Sticks
These women’s walking sticks come in many forms.

Wood Hiking Staff
These wood hiking staffs are all made from the finest woods and other materials to ensure that you can get as much use as possible out of them.

Wood Hiking Sticks
Whether you will need a hiking stick that is small and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, or you prefer a larger version to ensure more support, we have what you are looking for.

Wooden Walking Sticks
If you are interested in wooden walking sticks so that you can have one for support while on a hiking trip, we have the perfect sticks for you. 


Specialty Canes and Sticks:

Orthopedic Walking Canes
Orthopedic Walking Canes for those with limited mobility.

Canes For The Blind
Any manufacturer of canes for the blind knows the extreme importance of making these tools high quality.

Blind Cane
When a person requires the use of a blind cane, the two things they need the most are sensory guidance and a way to show others they are present.

Cane Chair
We have a cane chair collection that is just stunning!

Chair Cane
With our chair cane, there is no limit to your imagination!

Walking Aids
We offer a variety of types of walking aids to fit any walking assistance need you may have.



Costa Rican Canes
For canes with an unusual grace.

Asian Walking Canes
Asian Walking Canes make an impression.

Canes For Sale
We have great quality canes for sale, made for support and balance in your stride.

Collector Canes
Tall or short, thick or thin, our collector canes are the ones you have been looking for!

Adjustable Cane
Many people love using an adjustable cane, so that they can adjust to the most comfortable height depending on shoes, walking surface, and so on.

Anatomically Correct Canes
You will be amazed by the ultimate fit that our anatomically correct canes.

Decorative Canes
Decorative canes make for a great display in your home, especially in the entry way.

Exotic Canes
Exotic canes are made from exotic woods that are gathered from remote areas around the world.

Extra Length Canes
Extra length canes allow proper cane sizing for tall individuals.

Fabric Covered Canes
Fabric covered canes are super chic.

Folding Seat Canes
Folding seat canes are perfect for those that need to take a seat every now and then.

Natural Walking Canes
These natural walking canes give a little rugged look to your rugged walk.

Pimp Canes
Here you will find a variety of types and styles of pimp canes.