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Alpacca Silver

Alpacca Silver

We ship our Alpaca Canes each Friday, they are crafted by hand to ensure supreme quality and design. Look no further for a stylish, our silver handled walking canes are perfect for any special occasion. Choose between our smooth and intricately carved silver versions and add a touch of class to the family gathering. Ordering a cane tailored to you can be a chore - that’s why our products are designed with ease and fashion in mind. You can rely on the quality and selection of our silver walking canes, guaranteed to evoke the image you had in mind. With our superior canes, you can rest assured that your chosen walking stick won’t see wear, tear, breakage or bending, nor will you make a fashion blunder at your next event. Our canes come in varying fashion and appearance depending on your preference, yet the utility remains the same. Look to us for style, utility, or both - our canes are sure to meet your

Definition of Alpacca Silver by Wikipedia: Nickel silver, also known as German silver, paktong, new silver or alpacca (or alpaca), is a copper alloy with nickel and often zinc.

Try our decorative canes, hand carved canes, or our collectible cane.

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