How to Choose Type of Walking Canes

Type of Walking Canes in the Market

We realize that most first-time cane shoppers and even those with some experience in this niche are often confronted with issues when buying a walking cane. The main reason lies in the fact that this segment has witnessed a spurt of style & design options and retailers. For instance, types of hiking canes now available present some unbelievable models with professional-grade, technical updates that not many folks understand. The same applies to types of hiking poles and walking staffs. In terms of online resources, information about different types of canes is usually scattered with very little that is easy to understand. We make a conscious effort to address such issues. Our site is equipped with properly categorized sections, each with relevant information to help you choose a type of walking cane that is most relevant for your unique requirements. 

The Weight Limit For Walking Canes Question?

People use walking sticks in different ways.  Few people lean down on them directly from above; instead they lean on them at a variety of angles depending on their disability if they have one, general state of health, how good their sense of balance is and many other factors.  Therefore, although it is possible to test a stick’s strength by applying pressure from above and seeing at what point it buckles or breaks, this in no way reflects the reality of how people use walking sticks.  

The amount of force a person exerts on a walking stick is linked to their physical condition and ability, not their overall weight.  


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