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Types of Walking Canes
Walking Canes and Sticks Accesories
Hiking and Walking Sticks
Specialty Walking Canes and Sticks
Other Types of Walking Canes and Sticks

Types of Walking Canes:

Types Of Walking Canes
Different types of walking canes for all users.


Antique Canes
The basics on the collector’s world of antique canes!

Walking Aids
Walking aids of all sorts help to give people the support they need to move around on their own.

Long Cane
People use canes for several different reasons.

Metal Cane
Metal canes are a popular choice for many people.

Walking Cane Information and Sizing:

How To Shorten A Walking Cane
If you buy a cane that is too tall for you it can easily be shortened, keeping in mind that canes cannot be lengthened to be sure to measure and cut carefully.

Walking Cane Weight Restrictions
You will be leaning on your cane with nearly your full weight, so finding the right cane to support your weight is imperative.

Walking With A Cane 
Knowing how to properly use a walking cane will better aid in these functions.

How To Clean Your Walking Cane
Walking canes are sometimes a necessity to getting around.

Walking Cane Sizing
For proper walking cane sizing, always have two people present. When you need the cane for a mobility aid, it is best to see a health care professional for your walking cane sizing.

What To Look For In A Walking Cane
Tips that you should know on what to look for in a walking cane.

Walking Cane Features
Learn all about the four main walking cane features!

History Of Walking Canes
A brief history of walking canes—from authority to accessory!

Measuring For A Walking Cane
Follow these steps on correct measuring for a walking cane!

How To Buy Walking Canes Online
The simple rundown on how to buy walking canes online.

Walking Canes Vs. Walking Sticks
This article clears up the whole issue of walking canes vs. walking sticks

The Anatomy Of A Walking Cane
For a basic overview, the anatomy of a walking cane includes four pieces.

How To Choose A Cane Handle
Luckily, the variety of cane handles has improved since the days of the shepherd’s staff.

Caring For A Cane
Caring for a cane is not difficult and these simple tips will keep your cane in good condition for a long time to come.

Hiking and Walking Sticks:

Walking Staff
A walking staff is different from a typical walking cane or stick in a couple of ways, both in its history and its function.

History Of Walking Sticks
Ever since human beings have walked upright, long sticks have been used in one way or another for climbing uneven ground and mountainous terrain.

Carving A Walking Stick
Whittling is an enjoyable activity that costs only as much as your pocket knife!

Make A Walking Stick
Make a walking stick with these thorough instructions!

Wooden Walking Sticks
Why wooden walking sticks are so wonderful!

Hand Carved Walking Sticks
We all need extra support from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up our sense of style and grace.

Irish Walkingstick
The Irish walking stick is a keepsake of many collectors.

Carved Walking Stick
What better way to see this great country than to hike its trails, over mountains, through woods and along beaches.

Specialty Canes and Sticks:

Caring For Walking Canes
From those who know: advice on caring for walking canes!


Cane Clip
A cane clip is a convenient way to keep your cane close by. Plus, tips on cane safety..

Cane Stands
Cane stands help you keep your cane in a safe, easy to find place, cane stands also keep your cane from being damaged or covered in unsightly scratches.