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Formal Canes

Formal Canes

Formal Canes
Formal walking canes are slightly different from the usual collection of canes found at online or physical stores. These canes are closer to being handsome rather than being fashionable, they are more groomed rather than being decorative. Formal canes cannot compete with the toughness of heavy-duty traditional canes but they are quite tough. Earlier, formal canes were strictly macho in appearance but now formal canes for women have also become popular. These are also called Dress Canes because they are often carried to black-tie events, workplace celebrations, and costume parties.

Exploring Formal Walking Canes
We are constantly updating our collection of dress walking canes, including a handful of unisex options. Most formal dress walking canes for men are made of premium woods. This includes beechwood, black wood, and canes where the shaft makes a distinct impression with its sober, dominating silhouette. From animal inspired handles to those featuring precious materials like imitation ivory, formal canes are expected to have designer handles that grab attention. In terms of categorization, formal walking canes qualify as functional and aesthetically progressive canes. Conventional choices in this segment include canes with a chrome collar or a brass or bronze plated handle.

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