Folding and Collapsible Canes

Folding and Collapsible Canes
Folding walking canes neatly fit into their own compact carrying case for convenient portability. When folded, the cane measures about 12 which allows for easy carrying on the go. They are made of strong, yet lightweight aluminum construction with a double bungee folding system. These modern canes have a non-slip rubber tip that provides solid support and durability. The folding cane does not require any assembly; simply let go of the cane and it will snap into place for immediate use. These canes are great for traveling, for the person that is on the go a lot, or just tucking away in the car for that moment when you need a little support. The canes are very lightweight and they come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit both mens and womens needs.

Various types of handles are also available in the folding cane, such as the Derby handle or the Fritz handle which are two of our most popular in the folding canes. In today's age, sometimes there simply isn't enough space for a full-length cane. In smaller, economy size cars, on the bus, on an airplane, or in situations where you want to have the cane accessible but don't need to carry it fully extended just yet; folding walking canes are the right choice to have. Fold up our collapsible walking canes into a purse, backpack, briefcase, suitcase, glove compartment, or any other small space in which you want to store these helpful walking aids.

Five-section folding canes are also a big success, especially for women, as it fits even small purses. Glance through our range of folding and collapsible canes. You can also check out other cane categories such as Designer Canes or Decorative Canes from our collection.

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