Folding Pattern Folding Cane in Turquoise

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Experience the epitome of style, affordability, and versatility with the Folding Pattern Folding Cane in Turquoise. This stunning creation offers easy packaging and carrying options, as well as a sleek design. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the surface is resistant to everyday wear and tear. Its four foldable sections and perfected folding mechanism make it effortless to fold and unfold. Plus, the cane comes with a complimentary wrist strap for added elegance. With a fashion-forward design that complements any wardrobe, this cane exudes the finesse of a premium product for women. It also includes a hard rubber ferrule tip for a secure grip on slippery surfaces. Adjust the compact cane from 33 inches to 37 inches for the perfect fit. Suitable for users up to 225 lbs.

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