Classy Walking Canes Folding Pink Diamond and Pearls

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Are you looking for a cane which symbolizes your style quotient without shouting for attention? The Pink Diamond Folding cane is the perfect fit for such requirements. Pink always manages to create a sense of mystery and sophistication. You can relish the same attributes in this Pink Diamond Folding Cane! Sleek and fashionable, this folding walking aid breaks away the clutter of usual walking canes you will find all over the market. This premium quality cane flaunts an easy to grip, beautiful infused pearl swirled handle along with an adjustable black shinny shaft. The two are connected with a sparkling rhinestone collar that makes it a perfect diamond creation for any event, casual or formal. The  Pink Diamond Folding cane features an aluminum shaft cane that can be easily adjusted in length from 33 inches to 37 inches. This lightweight cane is capable of supporting up to 180 pounds. Comes with a free wrist strap that makes carrying the stick very easy.

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