Overmold Ergonomic Folding Cane in Black


The niche of walking cane can be slightly overwhelming with the wide array of choices on offer. However, the Overmold Ergonomic Folding Cane in Black eases the entire process with its ergonomically styled handle and superior quality of the components. This cane has an unarguably classical appeal. You get the assurance of a firm grip at all times. This cane has a year-round, all-season person, ensuring you never get the feeling of carrying something out of fashion. The cane has subtle styling, best underlined by its sleek handle. The overall presentation is laid back, without anything that shouts for attention. This is the safest choice if you are buying a walking cane for the first time or as a gift. Further, you get the choice of vibrant metallic colorsnot very common among standard walking canes. The shaft of the cane can be adjusted from 32.5 inches to 36.5 inches with a Replacement Tip of 3/4 inches. The Overmold Folding Cane comes with a Retainer Clip that makes its storage easy

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