Handbag Size Zebra Folding Cane


Zebra Folding Cane is the ideal selection for those who need a walking support and a trendy fashion accessory. This cane is compact enough to be easily packed and carried even when you travel. The use of lightweight aluminum means that the cane is rather light, making it the best option for folks who like lighter fashion accessories. The Handbag Zebra Folding Cane features a zebra design. The cane comes with a zebra background and printed on it. This Zebra Folding Cane folds into five sections that make it effortless to fold the cane. The cane provides an easy-to-grip but slender wooden handle along with a wrist strapmakes it easy to keep the cane near you even when you are not using it. This is one of the most fashionable canes in the folding format. The folding mechanism is rather smoothmaking it a breeze to adjust the canes length between 32 inches and 35 1/2 inches. The rubber ferrule provides you the assurance of a better footing when the ground is slippery than usual. Derby handle has been perfected in its conventional avatar, creating a shape that is easy to grip.

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