We only ship the Alpaca Canes on Friday each week. This is because each one is hand assembled to ensure quality and design. Try our stylish canes in adjustable, easy to use fashions. Our silver handled walking canes, for example, are just the thing for any special occasion. You will love both our smooth silver and carved silver. Silver walking canes are a great accent to family functions or as gifts any time of the year. You will be pleased with the quality and selection of these silver walking canes that fit just the image you had in mind.

Many people become frustrated by all the guesswork involved in ordering a cane that is just right for them, and in the fact that the canes are never stylish or easy to use. You wont have to worry about that with our canes. The design is fabulous, and the style is top notch. Plus, most importantly the quality is supreme so you can rest assured that you are resting yourself on an exceptional product. Our walking canes, when used appropriately, will not wear, tear break or bend, and they surly wont have you committing a fashion faux pas at your next function. The fashion and appearance of each cane varies according to what you prefer, but the usefulness remains the same. So whether you want style, function, or both, our canes are sure to be right for you.

Definition of Alpacca Silver by Wikipedia: Nickel silver, also known as German silver, paktong, new silver or alpacca (or alpaca), is a copper alloy with nickel and often zinc.

Try our decorative canes, hand carved canes, or our collectible cane.

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