Bulb Nose Alpacca with Groove Lines

Bulb Nose with Groove Lines is a luxurious walking cane, crafted with black finish maple wood shaft and an imported alpacca handle. Its intricate groove lines adorn the bulb nose handle, creating a sophisticated aesthetic. The crook shape provides a strong, comfortable grip, allowing the user to hang it over the wrist or arm when not in use. Friends and colleagues will be envious of your sophisticated, luxurious walking accessory at parties and events. An alpacca walking cane is designed to last for generations; a precious addition to any walking cane collection. Approximately 36 inches with a steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip #8180008, this one-of-a-kind specimen will be a great find. Please note that alpacca silver canes take time to assemble, and will not be shipped for next day or second day delivery. They are carefully put together and shipped out on Fridays. Thank you for your understanding.

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