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Travel Canes and Sticks

Travel Canes and Sticks

Walking canes comes in different sizes, shapes, and materials but only a handful can match the ageless aura of Hand Carved Walking Canes. Made of a single piece of wood, these walking canes are carved passionately. This gives them a unique aura that is hard to match by canes resourced from a typical manufacturing facility. The dedicated craftsmanship that goes into the construction of these walking canes makes them stand apart from the crowd. Here, an emphasis is on retaining the natural charm of premium woods, keeping the design simple, and ensuring these canes don't fall short on parameters like strength and durability.

Different varieties of woods are used to create these amazingly designed canes. However, it takes a possessed professional and years of mastery to carve such a beauty out of plain wood and transform it into a hand-carved walking cane. Made of the best quality woods like Bois D'Arc Woods, Cedar, Walnut and Pecan the 48” tall Free Form Hickory Walking Stick is one of the best options in this segment. These beautifully designed canes incorporate a handle with a smooth-top oval formation. The wrist strap ensures that the cane doesn’t leave your company at any cost.

The Free Form Twisted Padauk Wood with Derby Handle is another popular member of this exclusive fraternity of handmade canes. Some of our bestselling hand-carved canes are carved out of African exotic wood with a natural red hue. The inclusion of the natural curve found in wood beautifies the walking cane.

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