Horn of Plenty Alpacca Cane


Boasting a black finish maple shaft, the Horn of Plenty walking cane is a remarkable, high-end accessory. Its imported alpaca handle is adorned with a delicately embossed "Horn of Plenty" inlay, offering comfortable support for cane users up to 250 lbs (113 kilos). The J-shaped handle makes it effortless to hang the cane when not in use. Instantly upgrade any formal event or dinner with this chic, statement-making accessory. Measuring 36 inches with a steel-reinforced rubber tip, the Horn of Plenty cane adds a touch of luxury to any occasion. Please note that due to custom assembly, Alpacca Silver Canes are not available for next day or second day delivery. We ship this item on Fridays only, so thank you for your understanding.

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