Slashed Nose

If understated elegance is your preferred style, you will fall in love with the Slashed Nose Walking Cane. This cane is made from premium maple woodconsidered the best choice for upmarket wooden canes. The shaft has a tapered construction. It is polished in a sober shade of intense black. The black shaft is contrasted by a Silver Slashed Nose Handle, helping to create unmatched aesthetics for this cane. This Alpacca Silver Cane might have all the features of being a practical walking cane but it is more of a fashion accessory. It has a standard length of 36 inches that can be customized to suit your requirements. It features rubber tips for additional safety. Handsome and unassuming, this Slashed Nose Handle Cane is the perfect accessory when you want to flaunt a distinct personal style. We only ship this cane on Friday.

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