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Mens Distinctive Style

Mens Distinctive Style

Mens Distinctive Style
Most cane historians will agree that canes have a slightly chauvinistic history where they were regarded relevant only for men. However, canes did progress to become part of a lady’s ensemble too. Still, canes for men remain the biggest category in the walking canes segment and continue to attract men across the world. Men take immense pride in stepping out with their distinctive walking cane—canes that exude typical machismo or express their lifestyle, some inherited and some imbibed over centuries for evolution

Explore Different Men’s Canes
Among our repeat customers for male canes, there are many who need a dependable walking aid. Here, the user is most likely to have sustained an injury or is suffering from a medical condition that impairs mobility. For such usage, medical men’s canes make more sense. In comparison, men’s designer canes are more of a fashion accessory. Vintage canes for men have made it to the pedestal of highly valued canes, engaging much attention and awe from fellow collectors.  

Typical Traits of Men’s Canes
Targeted at men, these canes have to be slightly heavier than their female-oriented counterparts. This means canes with stronger woods, more girth, and more stress on functional components like an unyielding tip and the ability to support more bodyweight, often up to 300 pounds!

We are Specialists in Canes for Men
We are the biggest online retailer of specialty men’s canes. We continue to update our men’s canes, sticks, poles, and staff section since the demand can get very aggressive. This includes typically male canes where the emphasis is on brute strength rather than finesse. The options are infinite with new products being added every week. From canes in different materials to those with animal themes and rustic-looking walking sticks to hiking staffs, we offer the best of functional and fashionable walking canes for men. Please take a moment to browse through our canes made from Hardwood, Aluminum, Lightweight Carbon, and those with gold & silver collars.

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