Lapis Hand Crafted Walking Stick


The Lapis Hand Crafted Walking Stick can be used by men and women alike there is nothing too feminine or chauvinistic about its overall design. Unlike most walking canes, it can be easily teamed with any type of wardrobe ensemble, making it the most versatile cane, usable for any occasion or just around the house. This cane engages attentions with its blue marble knob handle, supported by a solid hardwood shaft. The handle fits comfortably within the palm of hand. The black shaft, blue handle and the gold-tone collar blend beautifully to create a sleek look. The stick is 36-inches long and can be cut to size according to your requirement. A popular among people of all ages, this cane boasts of made-in-Italy, continuing with the tradition of the finest walking canes made in crafts worshipping hubs of Italy.

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