Jack The Rabbit in Tall Size


This playfully designed Tall Size Jack The Rabbit Walking Cane offers a pleasant break from the usual, animal-themed walking sticks that seem lost in the crowd of similar looking canes/sticks. Made of premium quality wood, this Jack the Rabbit Walking Cane features the head of a rabbit as the exclusively designed handle, complete with elongated ears and glass eyes. This stunning head is supported by a sturdy Walnut shaft, tipped with rubber inserts for extra stability. The cane is covered in a deep wooden finish and decorated with a golden collar for an elegant look. Combining the comfort of a versatile walking aid and the style of a fashion accessory, Jack the Rabbit Walking Cane is the ideal choice for a stroll or for classy themed occasions like the theater. It comes in 39 inches as the standard length but this can be customized to suit your preferences.

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