Distinctive Walking Canes and Sticks

Distinctive Canes
Distinctive Canes
Canes are usually bought for their functionality and elegance with a few being preferred for the quality of craftsmanship, like hand-crafted walking canes, and some for their vintage appeal, like collector canes. Some of the themes / designs in these canes might seem unusual or somewhat bizarre. However, this segment has a dedicated following with many people who want to own a cane that instantly makes a statement with its unusual appeal.

Different Distinct Cane Styles
Some of our best selling distinctive canes are listed on this page. This includes the Pool Stick cane with its unusually long shaft that can double up as a cue for a game or two, fully adept at hitting the eight ball hard. We also have a vast collection of shoehorn canes—an unusual blend of everyday functionality and a slightly different design. The shoehorn cane on this web store is essentially an elongated, long-handle shoehorn that can provide some degree of support too. Other options include the Mallard Cane that has a duck-inspired design coupled with the smooth functionality of an umbrella!

Buying Distinct Canes
Please understand that despite being very sturdy and with a designer appeal, distinctive canes aren’t the best gifting option unless you are sure about the kind of genre an individual likes. This segment can even include fashion canes that are different from the usual Decorative or Ornate Canes. Many distinctive canes are not used, kept as a part of cane collection.

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