Spiral Shaft Cane with Gold Tones


We recommend the Spiral Wooden Shaft Cane to all folks who have been searching for a minimalistically designed walking stick that has something special to offer. People shopping for aesthetically progressive walking canes will adore the Spiral Cane with Gold Collar. For starters, the solid wood shaft wears a series of designer spirals. The Gents Derby Cane has a traditional layout, using a sleek design, further blended with a spiral theme on the shaft. The entire shaft is covered in varying hues of brown that underlines the use of pure hardwood. The Gold Collar Derby Cane is the perfect selection when you want vintage style canes without spending too much. Imported from Scotland, the derby cane is easy to grip while the solid wood construction ensures it can be used to provide support on a rainy day or when walking on uneven surfaces. The Gold Collar Walking Cane comes with a ferrule attached to the bottom to further improve the grip.

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