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Backcountry Hiker in Green-Classy Walking Canes

Backcountry Hiker in Green

There is something wild, untamed about the back country outdoors and this spirit is captured and beautifully reflected in the Hiker Green Back Coun...

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Folding Hikers
If you are an avid hiker, if climbing hilly, icy terrains is your passion, folding sticks should be a serious consideration. Hikers prefer equipment that is light and easy to carry & deploy and promises performance in the toughest of conditions. Folding hikers have all these traits—a blend of hiking staffs and folding walking canes.

Understand Folding Hiker Applications
Traditional hiking poles can be a big portability use. Yes, they are quite popular for their resilient construction and the ability to outlast the roughest of weather conditions but present a problem when it comes to packing and carrying them. The folding walking stick or hiker presents the advantage of easy portability. Combining all traits of a trusted walking aid along with offering the added benefit of easy storage and compact construction, folding canes are a sensible, value-for-money investment.

Get the Best Deals in Folding Hikers
Our folding hikers offer the best options with a smooth folding mechanism and a construction tough enough to take upon the most demanding conditions. This includes hikers made of treated aluminum or those with powder-coated shafts. Like folding canes, folding hikers too offer the ease of folding-up in three sections. Most modern hikers also offer the advantage of adjusting the length. You are bound to come across multiple options with a rubber grip. Please understand that these canes are not meant to support your entire body weight. These are lean and mean performance sticks with hiking as their only purpose. Latest features include rubberized, steel-reinforced suction tips.

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