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Folding Hikers for New Age Travelers

Folding Hikers for New Age Travelers

Tom Siceloff |

Traveling is not just limited to road trips or stay at hotels. Today as vast as the world is, travelers are exploring new things and places. Hiking is one such activity that is gaining popularity, especially among the youth. Hiking is a tough activity; you need to walk through uneven terrains. Hence, you need the correct equipment such as hiker sticks. Whether you are hiking, backpacking, or trail running; hikers should always be a part of your traveling kit. 

One Size Fits All

Planning a trip to the hilly terrains of the countryside or going to a local territory which consists of sloppy areas, Backcountry Hiker in Green is one size that would fit all. It is one of the best walking canes if you prefer living a gypsy life, traveling with your friends to locations that offer you an adrenaline rush. A truly wild, untamed spirit is captured via this green hiker stick. The anodized, three-section hiker, is designed for hiking enthusiasts since it is light in weight and compact for backpacking. It can adjust from 50 inches to 54 inches in 1-inch increments. The folded length is 18 inches and the weight is a mere 3/4 lbs. In the end, there is an ice spike with rubber tip cover for grip on hard surfaces. It is fixed with unbreakable aluminum anti-rattle nuts. To maintain a better grip, the hiker comes with a rubber grip and a hand strap.

Suitable for Everyone

The Back Country Hiker in green color is suitable for all genders. This unisex walking stick is also available in black color. Folding canes with their compact size and easy portability are a sensible, value-for-money investment. With its strong material, the walking stick guarantees durability and a promise of taking you to many more explorations without breaking in between.

You would have to take care that these canes are not meant to support your full body weight. With the sole purpose of hiking, these are lean performance sticks.

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