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Be Halloween Ready with Spooky Sticks

Be Halloween Ready with Spooky Sticks

Tom Siceloff |


Halloween is an exciting time. Everyone gets soaked in vibrant costumes and creepy looks keeping the festive spirit high. People try to experiment with their looks to stand out at the parties but have you ever thought of carrying a spooky stick along? A spooky stick will provide an edge to your costume, attracting everyone to your spine-chilling look. 

Edgy Sticks for Petrifying Look

Skull Walking Stick can be undoubtedly a perfect choice for your Halloween wardrobe. Innovative skull motif top handle has a shiny metallic look that will complement dark-themed dresses, a favorite for the occasion. Skull stick is a perfect choice if you are attending the party dressed as Dracula or a pirate. Skillfully detailed textured design and chrome finish enhances the horrifying look of the skull. The sturdy wooden shafted is designed from durable materials for a long-lasting stay. For a flawless walking experience, it has a rubber base attached to the tip. Alligator brass handle Walnut stick will be a nice surprise with which you can rock the party. Its intricate design on the alligator handle has a fine finish and shimmering look. 

The Evil Spell of Sticks

While most of the people choose to become vampires, some people visit the Halloween party as dwarfs and wizards. Hazel Wood Knobstick is best suited if you are going to don an elf look. The stick is made from coppiced hazel, fashioned traditionally with the rustic look. Glimmering colors and intriguing texture of the stick strike a contrast with the rogue look of Halloween. Ash Knobstick is another ideal option to stun the onlookers stylishly. The knobstick was used for centuries in Britain. A reduced, scorched, and polished look provides it with an authentic feel to match the horrendous aesthetics of your dress. Fitted with a metal ferrule, the stick is designed by the finest craftsman of England. You can use this stick for traveling purposes or while taking your pet for a stroll.


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