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Walking Stick: A Stylish Fashion Accessory

Walking Stick: A Stylish Fashion Accessory

Tom Siceloff |

Walking canes have been used from the earliest of times, by people of many civilizations not just as a walking aid but also as an ornamental accessory to flaunt one's social status and accent styling wardrobe. Just like every individual has a different sense of style, each walking cane carries its unique charm and grace. As one walking stick may look great in one setting, it might not look that eloquent on another occasion. Read through the blog to gain a quick insight into different kinds of canes and how to carry them like a pro.

Formal & Elegant Sticks

If you have been looking for an elegant cane to spruce up your classy attire for a formal gathering, the fritz handle cane, carved black cane, or snakeskin handle cane would be an ideal choice. These cane would look like a distinguished accessory, enhancing your overall appeal for a wide scope of formal events, including wedding receptions or society balls. 

Rustic Walking Sticks

Although a little vintage in design, the canes with a hint of classical touch look remarkably distinctive. The lion's roar walking cane, peacemaker walking cane, staghorn crown walker are few of the options in the niche that carries along with a rustic vibe, adding a balance of elegance to your overall appeal. 

Travel Sticks

If your most of the time goes into traveling around, exploring new places and cultures, you can choose from a range of contemporary canes which are light-in-weight and often comes in a foldable design to easily fit in your suitcases or backpacks. Stylish canes in neutral colors such as folding cane with exquisite zebra print, floral walking cane, derby orient colorful cane are just a few of the inspiring designs to begin your search.


We at Classy Walking Canes bring you to a wide selection of sticks and canes to complement all kinds of outfit and settings. From every day walking sticks, hiking sticks to formal, designer canes, and everything in between, we have something to cater to everyone's needs and fashion-forward choices.


Very good curated collection
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Good Curated Collection

Omprakash PRahladka,

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