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Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Walking Stick

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Walking Stick

Tom Siceloff |

A walking stick can improve balance or assist in mobility. Everyone can benefit from walking sticks, all that matters is you choose the right one! While many of you may think, it is just a matter of personal preference, there are a few factors that need consideration. Read through to gain a quick insight into some of the essential factors that would make it easier to pick the ideal walking cane or stick. 

Comfortable Grip

Choosing the grip for your walking stick or cane might seem like a styling choice, but if you are recovering from an injury or using it for hiking, the one that offers most comfort would be an ideal pick. Make sure the cane grip fits your hand perfectly and doesn't require a lot of muscle effort. We have a vast range of cane handles such offset handle, palm grip, T handles soft-touch handles and more.

Right Size

Whatever walking cane or stick you choose, make sure it has an accurate height and fits you properly. It shouldn't be too short or too long. You can also check out the range of foldable walking canes or collapsible sticks, which can be easily carried around or stored away.

Lightweight & Durable

One of the most important thing that must be considered when buying a walking cane is the weight-bearing capacity. If you are going to transfer your weight on the stick as you walk, make sure you opt for a durable cane that of wood, bamboo or aluminum. Another essential factor is the weight of the walking stick itself, now this one is a judgement call, something that entirely depends on your preference, some people can very easily handle heavy canes whilst others may suffer from fatigue while carrying it, so make a call based on what you like. Our inventory includes a range of acrylic canes, aluminum sticks, blackthorn sticks, carbon fiber walking canes and more.

Whether you are looking for a durable walking stick for your hiking adventures, a stick to compensate for an injury or a stylish walking cane to make a statement, Classy Walking Canes is your destination to be! From traditional sticks, adjustable canes, fashionable canes to European style cane, folding canes and more, you can find it all under one roof.

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