Gents Scottsh Style Derby with Red Tone Shaft

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Red-colored canes are becoming mainstream with men becoming more experimental, ready to push the envelope of typical cane designs. The Gents Scottish Derby cane features a lovable shade of red. The tone is neither too loud nor sober, using just the right hues to come across as a trendy walking cane. The reddish hue accentuates the aura of premium hardwood. The rich polishing makes Scottish Derby Cane the perfect gift for men who like their style to be slightly conventional without the risk of looking outdated. The clamp is a part of the canes elaborate design. We recommend the red tone cane to dedicated cane enthusiastsa necessity in any cane collection. Imported from Scotland, the Scottish Style Derby comes in limited numbers. The derby handle ensures you get an easy-to-grip cane that is resilient and comfortable to use. The red shaft has a slight metallic shimmer that adds a light dose of glamour.

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