Unisex Derby Handle in Blue

Being a unisex cane is rather challenging when you wear a dark, lustrous shade of blue and look entirely different from the usual crowd of wooden walking cans. Still, the Unisex Derby Handle in Blue cane is able to engage your attention and impress as the perfect walking cane if you are searching for some serious style along with a sturdy walking aid. The Unisex Derby Handle in Blue walking cane is made of solid maple. This gives its amazing strength and long-term durability. The shaft is the visual highlight in a shade of high-gloss blue. The use of strong lacquer finish makes this cane stand apart from canes with very definitive male or female aura. At 36-inches long, the Derby Handle Cane in Blue can be a gift for someone exploring the latest in fashion trends. With 7/8-inches diameter, the Unisex Derby Cane in Blue is built to last for years. It comes with a rubber tip provides more grip on wetter or slippery surfaces like snowed pavements. You can buy walking canes across different material choices, ranging from wooden and acrylic to aluminum, bamboo, and Lucite. We recommend exploring this online mega store to buy the latest in cane accessories, including handles, bags, & tips, or to ease the process of cane sizing. Tip HC8039808.

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