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Metal Cane

Metal Cane
Metal canes might not be as popular as wooden walking canes but metallic canes are equally important, being a superior option to wooden canes in certain scenarios. The Constant Argument: Metal or Wood? Wooden canes are preferred because of their wooden texture. The use of wood makes the shaft ooze a warm, snug feeling. This is reinforced with the grain pattern of the wood and its texture. When finished with an appropriate option, the slight tint and luster add to the wooden cane’s appeal. Metal walking canes are considered a cold, less emotive option. The texture too is very predictable. However, there is an advantage with metal shafts. They are easier to paint and print for creating different patterns and hues. They are more resilient when you need tubular cane sections rather than one, continuous shaft.

Explore Metal Canes
Metal canes include canes made of aluminum, anodized metals and some alloys. Primarily, metal shafts are preferred for making folded canes. When you need a shaft that can be conveniently folded and if there is a need to insert strings and chords, metal canes make more sense. The repeated folding and pressing action does not wear out hard metals.

Buying Metal Canes
We offer the entire range of metal canes that have been in circulation for some years. We are constantly on the lookout for newer metal cane designs, including those in typically feminine prints. From brass and bronze plated walking canes to those with bronze anodized shafts and silver collars, we have systematically created a comprehensive inventory of metal canes.

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