Designer Offset Cane in Brown


The Designer Offset Cane in Brown is much more than a great walking aidit is the new fashion alternative. Sure to catch the attention of your friends and strangers, this swan-neck cane allows you to make a serious fashion statement wherever you go. It features innovative and supportive offset design handle, which is smartly dressed with new firm soft cushion foam grip to reduce fatigue. A handy wrist strap is also attached to the cane handle for convenient handling. The delightfully patterned aluminum shaft has a 7/8-inch diameter. It is secured with a Metal Lock Nut for additional safety. This designer adjustable cane with Steel-reinforced Rubber Tip can be adjusted from 30 to 39 inches to suit user requirements. Replacement tip #8-2800-08. Replacement strap #8-2202-08, Replacement cushion grip handle #8-2196-08.

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