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Irish Walking Stick

Irish Walking Stick

Irish Walking Stick
A true connoisseur of walking canes cannot help biting into a conversation about an Irish style stick. Known for their rustic charm, Irish walking sticks are regarded as the benchmark for canes that don't break easily. Often passed on in a family, an Irish walking cane is typically exemplified by its rich woody exterior, a natural looking shaft, and the absence of well-groomed handles. We take pride in stocking and selling the best of Irish walking sticks available today. This includes some typical classics that are often sought by collectors and those that can easily take upon hiking trails.

Understanding Irish Sticks
The ideal blend of functionality and fashion, Irish Walking Sticks can be used by men and women. They have a somewhat neutral appearance, staying away from being too macho or feminine. When Irish walking sticks emerged, they were made from a wide array of hardwoods and premium woods. This includes ash, holly, and oak.

Gradually, Irish sticks made of the indigenous blackthorn started gaining importance. The blackthorn stick eventually gained the pedestal of being called the shillelagh—a slightly shorter and stubby stick that wears no decorative elements.  Many historians argue that the original shillelagh wasn’t a true walking stick, being much shorter in length. However, during the years of conflict with England, these humble Irish sticks gained a slightly cultured form as standard-size walking sticks without losing on their raw charm. Many of these are still sold as souvenirs, each blackthorn supposedly symbolic of the scenic hillsides of Ireland and the will of the Irish to survive.

On this online store, you will find the entire range of Irish walking sticks, from the contemporary versions to those with an unmistakable, vintage aura…!

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