Classy Blackthorn Knob with Leather Strap

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If you have a great liking with canes that have a rugged wood look finish, this is the right cane for you. Classy Blackthorn Knob is a superb cane with polished natural bark finish natural Irish blackthorn shaft. Thickness of the shaft may vary from one cane to another. A genuine leather strap is also attached on the shaft so it can be easily be hung on your wrist when not in use. It features a knob handle that provides relaxing support and firm hold to cane users. Classy Blackthorn Knob Stick has estimated measurement of 5 inches x 1 inch x 36-38 inches. This is highly-prized walking cane that cane be a great addition to your walking cane collection.  There are no two sticks alike. Each is different in size and width.

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