Backcountry Hiker in Green

There is something wild, untamed about the back country outdoors and this spirit is captured and beautifully reflected in the Hiker Green Back Country Walking Cane is the best cane for you if you happen to live an outdoorsy life or if hiking along the unexplored stretches of landmasses is your passion. The Back Country Hiker-Green is the back country hiker, which is necessary for camping or an outing. The anodized, three section hiker, is designed for hiking enthusiasts since it is light in weight and compact for backpacking. It can adjust from 50 inches to 54 inches in 1-inch increments. The folded length is 18 inches. It weighs a mere 3/4 lbs. At the bottom is an ice spike with rubber tip cover for grip on hard surfaces. It is fixed with unbreakable aluminum anti rattle nut. The hiker comes with a rubber grip and hand strap.
Replacement tip #80320808

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