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Derby Handle Wooden Canes

Derby Handle Wooden Canes

Derby Handle Wooden Canes
Walking canes have evolved in a gradual, restrained way, choosing not to step away too far from their conventional layout. This includes the choice of handles. Yes, you can find many cane handles today, varying from wooden, resin-covered, metal-plated, and ABS plastic handles. However, people who prefer the typical wooden cane prefer the Derby Handle—a classic option that can never go wrong!

Need for Derby Handle in Walking Canes
Derby handle continues to be the favorite because of two reasons. For starters, it is the preferred choice for men. Introduced by Lord Derby, men’s walking canes with derby handle are regarded as a mark of men who vouch for character and quality over design. The history of derby handles dates back to many centuries, in Europe. At that time, the Lord Derby Styled cane was restricted to men. This is why vintage canes and collector’s canes with derby handles continue to be popular. Secondly, the manner in which a person grabs and holds on to the handle affects the overall biomechanics, affecting the balance, gait, stress on joints, and the ability to navigate slippery or wet surfaces. With perfect ergonomics, the derby handle ensures that the maximum bodyweight is supported by the cane. Ensuring a smooth, comfortable grip, the derby handle is equally comfortable for women too. Derby handle canes have a slightly slimmer shaft than their male counterparts but exude an equal degree of traditional charm!

Get the Entire Range of Derby Walking Canes
Here Our inventory offers an expanding array of derby canes, for men and women. This includes fashionable derby canes with a vibrant play of colors and functional derby canes made from premium hardwoods like oak. You can explore our most demanded members of this category—jewel colored derby handle canes in shades of ruby red and emerald green.


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