Unisex Jambis with Bamboo Steps

Few walking sticks have the audacity to call themselves the ideal unisex optionthe Unisex Jambis with Bamboo Steps falls into this exclusive category. Adorned with a derby handle that appeals to men and women alike, this walking cane has a different type of wooden aura. For starters, rather than using hardwoods for the shaft, it uses a series of bamboo steps. The steps-like columns are a normal part of the bamboo in the wild and this pattern has been retained, albeit with a much darker hue. The visual affect is astounding as you get a walking cane unlike any other in the market. The scorched and carved surface ensures you get a unique proposition in the world of designer walking canes. This is the best choice if you have been looking for a cane that sets you apart from the crowd. With 36 inches of standard length, the Unisex Jambis Bamboo Steps cane should be compatible with most people. It comes with a #8-0398-08 rubber tip that ensures better grip. As a gifting option, the Unisex Bamboo Steps walking cane offers value for your money, ensuring your gift engages the maximum attention. You also get the assurance of buying from an established online store that has years of experience in retailing the best of walking and hiking sticks besides adjustable and daily use canes. You can browse a vast selection of walking canes by material. The tip is #8-0398-08.

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