Why Hikers must use a Trekking Stick?

Why Hikers must use a Trekking Stick?

“Trekking Sticks” are making their way onto the gear list of a lot of first-time and experienced trekkers. The less wear and tear on the joints is just one of the reasons why it is a must. This common hiking accessory ensures stability on rough terrain and assists walkers with their rhythm. Moreover, it features baskets at the bottom, wrist straps, and rubber-padded handles. The maximum length of a hiking stick is usually 135 cm (54 inches). Trekkers being minimalist need sticks that easily fit in their backpacks and are light in weight. Hence, it is often made in two or three sections and can be easily extended or retracted as per the requirement. 

If you’re finding it hard to decide whether you should get a trekking stick for yourself or not, then here are a few reasons why you should buy it for the next trekking adventure you are planning for.

  • Stability

While trekking on harsh terrain, the hiker has to walk on surfaces from snow to bare rock to slippery mud. To avoid accidents, it is important to walk with stability. A Trekking Pole ensures stability and also increases traction as it allows for two additional points of contact.

  • Increased Stamina

Walking on terrains while carrying a load can kill your knees, ankles, and feet. However, by using a Trekking Stick the weight gets shifted to the upper body, mainly onto the shoulders. On the steep slopes, a Wooden Walking Stick shall also prove to be a great companion. A common ailment detected in hikers is hand swelling, which also goes away when you use a stick as it gets engaged and increases blood flow. 

  • Reduces Joint & Back Pain

Trekking an uneven or tough terrain can put you through unbearing joint and back pain. But an Elevation Hiking Stick will take a lot of load off. This also reduces the chances of any injury that can be caused in the sensitive body parts.

  • They’re Collapsible

Most of the trekking poles are collapsible and hence can be easily stowed on the side of the bag whenever you need free hands to cross a steep or rocky terrain. The traveler can easily break down the poles. The collapsible hiking sticks are also perfect for a terrain that is conducive to running.


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