Walking Cane - Making a Sensational Comeback

Walking Cane - Making a Sensational Comeback

We all remember Charlie Chaplin, Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, supervillain The Riddler from the Batman series, Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series, what is common among all these iconic characters is that they all used walking canes. Walking canes were a part of their accessory, it added a style statement to their look and was also a vital part of their performance.

The Walking Canes which is usually associated with the Victorian era is making a comeback, thanks to these iconic characters, who gave a new breath of life to walking canes. It is no longer associated as a piece of convenience for walking but is rather used as a fashionable accessory to make a stylistic statement.

Walking Canes can be used by men and women alike. There is a wide variety available with Classy Walking Canes to choose from. Ranging from bubba sticks to adjustable canes, from designer to decorative style, simple classic to embellished canes there is a huge collection available to explore and pick the right one. Contemporary canes are further classified across functional, medical, hiking, fashionable categories. People are experimenting a lot in walking canes. Females are opting more for colorful printed, embellished, slender canes while men look out for carved, classy canes with ergonomic design and majestic handles.

Fashionable walking canes go well with dresses and professional suits. You can flaunt them at red carpet, prom party, or any outdoor event. For picking the perfect walking cane one has to consider several factors besides its looks.  Material, handle type, design, color, length, strap material are equally important factors that can determine how comfortable and long-lasting your walking cane will be.

Walking canes besides being a fashion accessory can be a great statement of one’s personality. It evokes an aura of majesty and class. Not everyone can pull off carrying a walking cane, but those who do surely looks distinctive and attracts many appreciating compliments. 


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