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Tom Siceloff |

modern walking canes

The "contemporary" walking stick or walking cane has been in use for hundreds of years. From the 18th century, noblemen began to exchange their swords with canes-- not for use as a mobility aid; but as a fashion addition and status symbol. Walking sticks' trendy appeal dissipated in the 1940s, but their alternate use-- as a walking aid-- continues to maintain the popularity of canes among the mobility-impaired and elderly population in present days.

However, the present cane has come a long way since its ancestries in refined wood. All through the years, creators in the mobility industry have come to understand the staying power of canes and worked incessantly to improve users’ experiences.

Nowadays, you can find many different varieties of canes to suit your condition and taste. For example, many are divided by the type of handle they offer:

Round Handle Canes: Usually equipped with foam grips, these canes are true originals. But beyond looking great, a round-handled cane is also utilitatian-- the hook-shaped handle allows to easily hang the cane-- from shopping carts and chairs for example.

walking cane handles

T- Handle Canes: These canes also preserve the classical styling of days past and often come equipped with wrist-straps to help secure the cane to your hand. Many of them come in combinations of wood, metal and printed aluminum bodies. Their short, horizontal handle keeps your hand on the cane's center of gravity.

Offset Handle Canes: This more modern type of cane has a handle that is ergonomically designed to lessen the pressure on your hands while increasing stability-- making them also ideal for heavier individuals. With grips made of gel or foam, offset canes offer the ultimate in comfort.

Then there are canes divided according to features:

Folding Cane: For some individuals, finding walking aids that are highly portable is a top priority. That's where the folding cane comes in. These durable devices can fold into four pieces for easy storage inside your purse or suitcase.

Cane Seat: A convenient travel accessory, the cane seat is a device that when unfolded, provides you with a comfortable seating surface that stands on three, secure aluminum legs.

Quad and mini Quad Cane: Individuals looking for increased stability and balance need look no further than these revolutionary canes. Equipped with four legs (instead of a single tip), quad canes re-distribute your weight onto four equal points. They are ideal for individuals who need extra-help when climbing the stairs.

All-terrain Cane:  This specialty cane largely looks like an ordinary single-tip cane. But if you look at its tip, you will notice that it comes with four, retractable metallic spikes to give you added stability when walking on uneven or tricky terrains.

Today's canes are definitely not your grandfather's. They are mostly made in light-weight aluminium and come in hundreds of colour and print configurations to match your style.

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