Key Factors to Select & Procure a Walking Cane

Key Factors to Select & Procure a Walking Cane

Select & Procure a Walking Cane

Style is a sense that enhances a person’s personality. Especially ladies in general prefer to look stylish or more of a Diva in whatever they wear, carry or do. From handbag to shoe, goggles to walking cane everything just have to be perfect, more like a Julia Roberts in the movie “Pretty Woman”. However, in this busy era of modern life one hardly gets any time to buy a good walking stick or cane. Reportedly 90% of women prefer online shopping as far as these things are concerned. Although, various firms offer the finest, yet it’s wise to have a personal check on the product rather than following anything blindly. One must look into these key three parts before procuring one.

1-Its quite imperative to find out more about the sizes of a walking stick on a website before you buy because sometimes the measurements shown define the total tallness (i.e. to the top of the handle) and occasionally it is the height from the ground to the underneath of the handle. This could mean a difference of up to an inch, depending on the handle type. Some sticks are sold as a one piece, fixed length item and others are adjustable.

2-The second consideration is the TYPE of handle that will best suit your needs. There are generally quite a few different styles to choose from, all with their own special purposes. Derby walking canes are popular because the Derby style handle is designed to hook over the wrist to free up the hands when required. Crook handles offer the same benefit, hooking over the wrist or arm.

Anatomically shaped handles, i.e handles made of a resin or moulded plastic which fit the shape of the palms are the most comfortable handle type. These types of sticks are usually sold in a right and a left-hand model and usually bought as a pair. They are best appreciated by people who rely heavily on a walking stick (or two).

Crutch handles provide a reassuring grip, promoting confidence in the user. Crutch handles are also lighter and generally smaller than other handle types.

3-The third thing to find out about a stick is the maximum weight it has been tested to support. Some sticks are stronger than others depending on the materials used to make the shaft. Carbide walking sticks are the strongest (and most lightweight) that money can buy. Other materials used are usually: Aluminium (for hiking poles, collapsible canes and folding sticks), wood ( Chestnut, Hazel, Beech, Ash and Hardwoods) or Bamboo. Aluminium is strong and lightweight, wood used for stick making is carefully selected, dried for a year and treated so is a reliable source for stick making and bamboo is flexible and strong.

The more one has knowledge about walking cane its easier for him or her to buy the right one without wasting time and money.

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