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All about Walking Canes

All about Walking Canes

Tom Siceloff |

All about Walking Canes

Balance of the body is often controlled by the human ear. However,walking canes can definitely help a person’s balance and it also improves a person’s mobility. It helps people of all ages to maintain a healthier and active lifestyle. It can benefit a person’s health by giving them better balance. It lessens the stress on the body and relieves join pain. Elderly use it to move around better and for the things they need to do. It can give a person more confidence and is beneficial for people of all ages. It minimizes weight from the legs, back, knees, hips and ankles and makes you feel less tired and more energized in your day to day activities.

When it comes to finding the perfect walking cane there is a lot to consider. You need the perfect height depending on your own. You need to consider what type of handle it will have and most importantly-the style! They come in all kinds of sizes and designs.

A walking cane is one of the ways to assist in walking. This simple invention was made to improve a person's balance and can give relief to the leg that is the opposite side the cane is being used for by 25 percent. It is important to remember that. If you want to relieve pressure and support on your left side, then using the cane on the right side would benefit you.


  1. Back and Joint Health: It helps redistribute body’s mass and avoids all your weight coming down on your back, knees and hips. It displaces your body mass from your back and lower body and supports it through the stick and your arms. This can reduce pressure on your joints and muscles and help people with arthritis or back problems. It also fosters proper posture, particularly in your upper back. Proper posture redistributes mass evenly which reduces the risk of injury and improves back health.
  1. Improved Stability and Balance: When you walk over uneven surface then various obstacles can make it difficult to maintain balance. When you are going uphill, hiking on loose dirt or stepping on rocks you need a proper support for stability and balance. Walker stabilizes your body weight and reduces your risk of falling and slipping. It also assists on hills by providing balance, especially when you become fatigued and your muscle strength becomes less reliable.

stylish and fashionable walking canes

There are a few different types of walking canes.

1-There is the C cane that is the most unassuming and most used type there is. It a conservative cane with a curvature at the top that forms the handle. This is for someone that needs slight assistance with balancing or the use of the opposite leg.

2-The next walking cane is called a functional grip cane. They are a lot like the C cane only the handle is different. The handle is a straight grip handle as opposed to the curve the C cane. This grip allows for stronger control of the cane and offers better support. This is more for a slight difference in support as opposed to the C cane.

3-Then you have the walking cane that is often called the quad cane. These have a rectangular base with four supports that have contact with the floor. There are two different types of these quad canes and it is really dependent upon the size of the base. There are small and large based quad canes and these give a larger amount of balance assistance. These are for the people that need a lot more help than the simple off balanced patient.

Hence, these are various types of walking cane that can always help a person in need.

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