Zebrano Wood Walking Cane


Zebrano design is a highly celebrated design in the derby handle walking cane series. With an overwhelming design, the wooden cane walking cane announces your preferred style in a smart and captivating way. The striped pattern is a great attention-holder when you walk-in for a gala function. A perfect match to any wardrobe of your choice, the Zebrano walking cane has a genuine Zebrano wood derby handle that is attached to the shaft with brass shaft. Coming in a length of 36 inches as standard, this walking cane can be cut to your preference. The shaft has a diameter of 7/8 inches at the top tapering to 3/4  inches at the bottom. It comes with rubber tip #8039808 for safety while you walk on slippery surfaces as well as for longevity to your cane. Featuring an elegant design, Zebrano cane is a great collectible for walking cane lovers.

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